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Same Day Smiles – CEREC

cerecCerec crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers are completed in one visit. The new restoration is bonded directly to the tooth once it is made in house which means a temporary does not need to be worn or any impressions would be taken. Omnicam Cerec Machine, latest technology on the market, does this. This is especially suitable for patient coming from long distance to have their mercury fillings removed and have their restoration in same visits.

What will happen during my appointment?

All existing restoration and decay will be removed. The tooth is then prepared and the dentist will create a 3D image of the tooth using the CEREC camera. This eliminates the need for any impressions.

The restoration is then designed by the dentist in house using the CEREC computer software.

The milling unit creates the restoration from a high compact ceramic block. This block will be chosen by the dentist to both match the colour of existing teeth and to suit the type of restoration required.

The new restoration is bonded directly onto the tooth.

Why choose CEREC?

No impressions – conventional impressions can feel uncomfortable for some patients, the CEREC camera eliminates the need for these to be taken.

No temporaries – because the new restoration is bonded to the tooth straight away you do not need to wear a temporary.

Long lasting – CEREC restorations have been proven to be as strong as gold.

Perfect fit of restoration– CEREC restorations have the best possible fit as there is no third party involved.
The dentist designs the restoration and therefore the fit is how they request. A well fitted restoration lasts a very long time.

Metal free – CEREC restorations are porcelain making them highly aesthetic.

The dentist will also select the correct shade to match your other teeth.

One visit – Treatment is completed without having to to come back – complete your smile in a day

What Is Cerec?

Find out more about Cerec and how it can help restore your smile.

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