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Safe Removal of Amalgam

Dr Shabahang has developed his own protocol for safe removal of amalgam fillings since 1994. This protocol is without doubt one of the safest way to remove mercury fillings.

What will happen during my appointment?

Activated charcoal is used as a pre-treatment rinse. You will be asked to lie down in the dental chair while the dentist provides you with protective clothing.

This includes:

The dentist will then isolate the tooth which is to be worked on using a “rubber dam”. A rubber dam is essentially a latex free sheet which covers the remaining teeth and mouth. Only the tooth which is being worked on will be exposed. This keeps mercury particles from coming into contact with oral tissues or even worse be swallowed.

A cover will then be placed over your mouth – again only the tooth which is to be worked on will be exposed.

Once all of the protective items are in place the dentist will start to remove the amalgam in big chunks with specially designed burrs to release the minimum of mercury vapours. While they are doing this, the patient can request oxygen mask if he or she desires and we will use the most advanced machine on the market, IQ air with high volume suction with mercury filters to minimise mercury release into the air and to the patient. Please note: there is an additional charge for the use of oxygen.

When all of the amalgam has been safely removed, your protective clothing and rubber dam will be removed. The dentist will then restore the tooth with your chosen material.

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Metal Free Dentistry

At Country Park Dental Practice we are able to remove your metal fillings or restorations and replace them with materials which contain no metal at all. This type of treatment is suitable for fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays.

At your first appointment the dentist will examine your existing restorations and decide on a treatment plan, tailored individually to your needs. The dentist will also discuss the options of different materials which could be used to replace the metal. Once you have agreed on the treatment plan then the metal restoration will be removed and replaced with a new metal free one – this can normally be achieved in one visit!

I just wanted to say how very impressed I was with the whole procedure for the removal of my two amalgam fillings. I was so pleased to have found a practice in my area as I’d been concerned about having to travel to London, particularly if any problems had occurred.

My treatment at your practice was simply wonderful – from the initial contact with your staff on reception, my first consultation, and of course the procedures themselves. Thank you for taking the time to explain in full the procedure prior to treatment, as well as on the day(s) of treatment. Both replacement fillings (one composite, the other ceramic) have been perfect. I cannot thank you enough for the work you did, and please pass on my thanks to the dental nurses involved – all of whom were simply lovely.
– Mrs JG





*PLEASE NOTE: Denplan patients do not receive the 20% discount for safe removal of amalgam*

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