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Fee Guide

Fee Guide

Prices are a guide only. All private treatment is by quotation and you will be issued with a treatment plan and cost.

New Patient Consultation From £55
Emergency appointment (inclusive of prescription and temporary dressing From £55
Patient Examination From £49
Night guard From £300
Issuing of Prescriptions From £12
Simple Scaling by Dentist From £50
Fissure sealant From £30
Intra Oral X-rays From £0
OPG (Large X-ray) From £0
External referral OPG From £44
Hygiene Visit From £64
Air Polishing (Stain removal) From £58
Temporary Filling From £30
Composite Filling From £90
Glass Ionomer Filling (white) From £90
Deciduous filling (Baby teeth) From £90
Pin retention From £20
Crowns, Bridges & Veneers
Recement From £50
Cerec Crown/Inlay From £690
Construction and fitting Temporary From £69
Crown From £345
Post & Core From £175
Bridge From £1,380
Veneer From £690
Extraction From £100
Surgical Extraction From £180
Arrest of abnormal haemorrhage From £60
Dressing of dry socket From £40
Removal of sutures From £40
Cosmetic Treatment
Whitening From £350
Whitening gel (per tube) From £80
Orthodontics From £1,725
Orthodontic consultation with Dr. Shabahang Free
Acrylic From £580
Flexible From £750
Chrome From £1000
Adjustment From £46
Repair From £100
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal – Canine/Incisor From £345
Root Canal – Premolar From £460
Root Canal – Molar From £575
Other Treatments
Safe removal of amalgam From £270
Safe removal of amalgam consultation with Dr. Shabahang FREE
Use of Oxygen From £200

Please note that from 1st May 2021 our fees for private treatment will be subject to a 5% increase.

Finance Options-We offer a range of finance options from 0% finance to up to 5 years interest bearing. We look forward to providing this additional tier of care to you.

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